Some facts about Carrageenan

Some facts about Carrageenan

When it comes to carrageenan the most popular food additive found in many food products that you use in your day to day life, there are many questions that arise due to the information being circulated about this food additive on the internet. Let us find out the answers to some of the common questions that you may arise in your mind.

What is the purpose of using carrageenan in my food?

It is the perfect stabilizers gifted by the nature, which gives a lot a lot of benefits in structure, texture and physical appears of various food items, making it a permissive product. It works even with the foods with low fat, sugar, calorie or fat content.

It enables mixing of chocolate in your favourite chocolate milk, gives a creamy texture to your low fat yoghurt or your lunch meal which stays fresh and moist and the protection and extension of protein’s nutritional value.

How carrageenan is made?

Carrageenan needs minimum processing and can be easily derived from seaweed in your normal home kitchen too. The process comprises of cooking the seaweed with the addition of little salt with a little alcohol and then blending it in a household blender to retain the natural carrageenan.

The entire process is simple and mild and secures the natural functionality of the seaweed. The process minimizes waste and increase the quantity of usable carrageenan. Is Carrageenan safe for use?

Amazing evidence supports the fact that it is suitable and safe for use in different foods. The regulatory authorities in every part of the world, especially the USA, Japan, China and Brazil have discovered to be safe for use in different food stuffs.

Why it is used in pet foods?

It is used in cat and dog foods in wet forms as an emulsifier and stabilizer, giving a stable texture.


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