Pokémon Uranium- an unofficial yet awesome release for PC

Pokémon Uranium- an unofficial yet awesome release for PC

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Pokémon Go is an amazing RPG for enjoying the game on Android. It is a perfect game in every sense. The game is most effective, has a smart interface with outstanding graphics. Apart from these features, a plenty of Pokémon are waiting to be caught. Despite of many gamers hunting for software to know how to hack Pokemon go through the internet. pou cheats

The introduction of fan games has bought a lot of excitement and joy, with gamer-developed amazing titles based on classic sagas. Today, Pokémon Uranium, a popular game is grabbing attention of players, which was developed with nine years of efforts by a group of fans.

Based on the feel and game system of all 4th gen games developed by Nintendo DS, it is loaded with a plenty of new features and a different world to discover. The latest version of this game is available for Windows and you can download it for free.

RPG Maker is used to develop this game and maintains the feel of popular titles like Platino, Perla, Diamante, with the original material. It owns a different world of the game, Region of Tandor, which includes 192 new Pokémon that you can progress to capture 8 gyms, explore challenging routes and basically rediscover the stylish Pokémon experience in a new world.

It has loads of content. The developers offer you a game play of 30 hours and thanks to the unique plotline where your supporter tends to lose his parents during an accident and then comes a nuclear enemy comes on the spot along with a new radioactive creatures.

You can deal with other players using the barter system available online. Pokémon Uranium is not the only Poke-fan game you find online, there are various other games that you can explore. Thanks to Pokémon Go that helps its players enjoy the trendy game.


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