Get To Know the Features of Pictoword Game

Get To Know the Features of Pictoword Game

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Are you stuck on a Pictoword level? Are you devoid of enough coins for unblocking some categories of the game? Are you unable to make some in-app purchase? You don’t need to worry. You can take the help of Pictoword Cheats for this. The cheats are basically tools that can help in getting answers to the picture style quiz game even for level 4 to level 68.

What Is Pictoword?

Pictoword is an addictive word game where players are allowed to read a series of pictures that needs to be combined in order to create a new word or a phrase. The game is very engrossing and it keeps hooked on to this game for long hours. As the level of the game increases the word contains more letters. For example, the letter count may gradually increase from 7-8 letter word to a whooping 11 letter word.

Features of the Game

Picture Guessing Games

This word guessing game comes in different packages. While easy modes are helpful for kids but hard picture packs are helpful for older kids.

Fun Addicting Word Puzzle

Players get the chance to guess the word from pop culture photos of celebrities and characters. It can even test the knowledge of the player on whether they are able to unscramble the words from the pictures.

Guessing Games

Within the fun brain games, you can easily guess the celebs. In fact, players also get the chance to guess the logo of a particular brand or stores and restaurants.

This game not only puts a kid’s brain to test but training a brain also gets more fun with every difficulty level a child passes through. The games are updated on a regular basis and interesting categories are included like food, games, etc.

The game has become immensely popular among the teachers as well as parents as it involves critical thinking.

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