Factors Which Can Affect Steeping

Factors Which Can Affect Steeping

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Just like the wine bottle or the cheese needs to be aged, in order to bring out the best flavors of it, same is the case of the e-juices. An e-juice bottle needs to be steeped in order to age it achieve the desired taste.

If you want to determine the taste of your cheap e liquid then it is very important for the cheap e liquid to be steeped.  Steeping can help the flavors to settle down and develop with time. As it takes time for the PG and VG to soak down the flavored molecules it’s important to steep the liquid. This also can help to mellow down the harsh scents that might be present in the e-liquid.

Conditions Which Can Affect the Steeping Process

Steeping is usually done by placing the bottle of the e-juice in a cool and dark place for some time. Still, three things specifically assume a great part in how the e juice soaks. These are:

  • Light: Light and sunlight, are awful to steeping. Overexposure to light will quicken the soaking procedure in unnatural and uneven ways. This greatly influences how the flavor molecules are consumed by PG and VG. This is the reason most e-liquid manufacturers prescribe putting away e-juice in a dull place.
  • Heat Exposure: Unlike the light exposure, heat exposure is important for the steeping procedure. A lot of heat can make the-juice thick. For this reason, it is important to keep the cheap e liquid at room temperature around 75° F.
  • Oxygen Exposure: Exposure of oxygen to any consumable item influences how rapidly it ages. For e-liquid, moderate exposure to the outside air can work ponders for your most loved e-juice. For this reason many manufacturers recommends to remove the top of your fluid for a couple of minutes, before fixing the top and shaking the container vivaciously.

Keeping in mind these aforementioned factors can help to get the optimal flavors of the e-juice.

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